International students who graduate from the University of Melbourne follow diverse employment and graduate pathways. Whether you intend to remain and work in Australia, return to your home country or seek opportunities elsewhere, it is important to understand your options, do your research and plan ahead.


Before you begin making decisions for your future, you need to be clear about your interests and goals and to understand how to make informed choices. We encourage you to find out moreabout strategies for assessing your interests, planning and decision-making. You can also participate in our information sessions and workshops via Stop 1.

It is important to focus on skills development and work experience while you are studying. This will help you to prepare for life after university, and assist you with your professional goals and objectives. You can learn more about developing your skills and building your experience while studying at the University of Melbourne.


If you are planning to return to your home country to work there are a number of strategies that will assist you to be more competitive and successful in your job search.

  • Keep in contact or re-establish contact with family and friends and let them know you will be returning and looking for graduate employment.
  • Keep up-to-date with events, current affairs and labour market trends in your home country.
  • Check Careers Online for employment opportunities in your home country and for international companies on campus recruiting for the countries you have an interest in.
  • Read the information on international work for ways to find advertised work and other tips.
  • Attend Australian based career fairs and look out for country-focused events such as Graduan Malaysia.
  • Check the career sites of local universities in your home country to see which companies are recruiting graduates. Go to the websites of these companies to check the application process and closing dates. However, be aware that the graduate recruitment from local universities occurs at the start of the academic year in the northern hemisphere.

If you are returning to China for work, these websites can assist you with finding a job:

Chambers of Commerce

A great way to make contact with Australian businesses overseas is through the Australian Chamber of Commerce network, usually called AustCham (eg Austcham Beijing), which are in many cities. They run a range of business and social events and are valued by newcomers as one of the best ways to build your network when you arrive.

Alumni events

With more than 35,000 University of Melbourne alumni around the world, there are both formal and informal alumni networks in many cities.

Take advantage of your connection with the University to meet other graduates to learn how you may find opportunities in their town or city. They have established networks to employment and there are sometimes events where you can meet with employers in your home country.


Many of our international graduates go on to find rewarding opportunities and employment in Australia. International students and graduates need to use the full range of job search strategies to maximise their chances of finding opportunities and employment in Australia. We encourage you to:

  • consider targeting the small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) market
  • build and use your networks through events and social media
  • consider joining relevant professional associations and student clubs and societies.
  • learn about and become comfortable with Australian workplace culture.
  • take opportunities to further develop your English language skills
  • attend a free résumé checking session through Study Melbourne.

Other important considerations:

  • Check your work visa requirements at the Department of Home Affairs.
  • Know your workplace rights as an international student. If you need help, Study Melbourneoffers free advice on workplace rights.
  • If you are seeking additional advice or support with applications from a migration agent outside the University, it is essential that that you check the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) to ensure they are registered and also to read the information for consumers.
  • Ensure that you have a recent IELTS Assessment taken in Australia. These sessions can be heavily booked so you need to register several months before you plan to submit applications for employment as your results will be required as part of the application process.

Student Employability Guide

For information on finding work in Australia, we encourage you to access our job seekinginformation which includes advice, links and resources.


There are a number of considerations before seeking employment opportunities in another country and you need to research these areas thoroughly:

  • What are your work rights if you do not have residency in that country?
  • How can you obtain a work visa or employer sponsorship?
  • What is the demand for your skills and qualifications in that country?
  • Do you need to obtain work experience related to your qualification to be competitive for work outside your home country?

Please view our information on international job markets to read more about ways to find work and to learn about visa requirements.


Attend a careers seminar or workshop. Check Stop 1 for scheduled sessions.